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    Competitive intelligence or competitive analysis helps us understand how the competition is evolving, what steps can make us go with competition, and what will help our business or startup to grow.


    To avail of this service, The India Watch is an ideal company that is a known market research consultancy.  Along with regular services, the India watch offers tailor-made competitive intelligence services.


    The India Watch being an India-based company, understands the Indian audience in the best way. Their team of researchers and analysts continuously track the Indian audience and try to understand more about their need, want, and other behavior. While understanding the psychology of Indian consumers, they also gather valuable information about competitive benchmarking, brand perception and brand loyalty towards individual brands, inputs on product positioning, etc.


    This makes The India Watch an ideal agency to offer competitive intelligence.



    The Idea Behind an Effective Competitive Intelligence Research Company in India


    India has a huge economy with immense opportunities for global businesses and startups to prosper and grow. And being counted among the quickest growing economies across the globe, India has a huge market and scope for your business to reach its desired heights. In the coming decade, the Indian consumer market itself will reach a USD of 6 trillion.


    Indian consumer growth has been backed by strong structural fundamentals. Today, the Indian middle-class is growing at a pace that no one can define and has led to many Indian households coming out of poverty in the past few years. And upon that, the pandemic has made every level of the consumer get used to internet-based shopping and more. All this has increased the competition in the market, implying that to stand apart from the rest, hiring a team of professionals like The India Watch will be quite significant.



    Competitive intelligence helps in bucking up a business and startup in the correct direction. Some of its key aspects include but are not limited to market share analysis, competitive strategy mapping, competition price analysis, and much more.


    How Competitive Intelligence and Market Research are interlinked


    Market research or market intelligence is the analysis and collection of data about the industry, consumers, competitors, marketplace, and products you are in. Whatever results are derived from this research and analysis it demonstrates competitive activity, helps you learn more about the needs & wants of the target consumers and enables strategic decision-making.


    Performing Market Research in the Indian market is now easy and convenient as The India Watch is ready to help you in the same.



    Good quality market research can uncover a lot about consumer psychology and get an understanding of brand/ product positioning in the targeted audience. It aids in knowing the market size, market demand, market growth drivers, etc. All this is quite helpful in providing marketers and product managers significantly to improvise their product and service offerings. You can also avail yourself of this benefit and make the most of your business or startup.


    This also helps in driving competitive intelligence work.


    Best Competitive Intelligence Company in India


    The practice of competitive intelligence talks about a business’s efforts to collect and evaluate information about its business environment, industry, products, and competitors to direct its future strategy.


    Now, to avail of this service, the best way is to hire a market research consultancy that looks after all this information and uses it in the best way to come out with outputs that will aid your business or startup to grow in new demography.


    Competitive intelligence is part of market research, which has become an integral part of any marketing strategy. The India Watch is a consultant counted among the most prominent consultancies working in India. Its surveys and researches are based on Indian consumers that derive Indian-based outcomes. This might help your global business and startup to grow in the right direction.


    The India Watch offers in-depth market research studies that can be customised as per your requirements. Below are some of the services that TIW renders-


    • Market Surveys
    • Qualitative Interviews
    • Focus Group Interviews
    • Triangulation Market Research- Surveys & Interviews
    • Data Analytics & API
    • Mystery Shopping
    • Observations
    • Secondary Research


    Get these and many other services from the expert team of researchers and surveyors at The India Watch and take your global business or startup to a new height.


    Being a mart researcher, they have quite many resources that will help them bring out exclusive results for your company. TIW is the best competitive intelligence & market research company in India and if you are aiming to prosper on the Indian grounds, then you must choose a company that will help you get results from an Indian perspective and is quick to deliver what you want.


    For further information, drop a mail at info@thebusinesscontent.com



    Paritosh Kashyap
    An accomplished corporate communication, content marketing, and business research professional. I can simultaneously work with big MNCs as well as start-ups, offering cutting-edge solutions.
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