Apps & Websites

We plan and create various kinds of apps & websites solutions such as wen portals, e-commerce, rich internet applications, CMS systems, business apps, corporate sites, etc.

Apps and Websites

The worldwide mobile apps and websites development industry is growing fast by the day, and India constitutes a big chunk of it. Just the worldwide apps industry amassed around USD 582 billion in 2020, and the number is expected to cross USD 935 billion by 2023.

Likewise, there’re approximately 1.6 billion active websites worldwide, and there’re around 4.5 billion internet users across the globe. Smart-phones alone account for around 70% of all the world’s internet traffic, and the UI/UX of apps and websites account for as much as 70% of their overall credibility.

Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS)

Simple and user-friendly websites and apps carry a high quality of UI/UX element in a relevant and customer-oriented manner. Such apps and sites span across both your customer as well as product/service lifecycles. The demand for good apps and sites ranges across:

  • Industries.
  • Businesses.
  • Geographies.
  • Verticals.
  • Applications.
  • Contexts.
  • and more.

This demand is growing in a rapid manner by the day, while the supply-side isn’t quite able to catch up, both in terms of quality and quantity. That’s why, we at TBC decided to extend apps and websites as a prominent service under our technology solutions suite.

What’s in it for you

Good apps and websites carry a host of analytical and insight-giving features for both the businesses and their customers/users. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for your business as well as customers/clients as far as our TaaS solutions are concerned in general, and apps and websites solutions in particular:

For you - the business

You, the business, can track a host of CTB (critical-to-business) and CTQ (critical-to-quality) metrics as a part of our apps and websites solutions:

  • Customer engagement levels.
  • Likes and dislikes.
  • Tastes and preferences.
  • Points, moments, and experiences of delight.
  • Pain points too, if any
  • and more .

Your customers and clients can also track a host of CTC (critical-to-customer) metrics as a part of our apps and websites solutions:

  • Customizability
  • Personalization.
  • Sense of empowerment and control for the customer.
  • Easy search, navigation, and accessibility.
  • Easy product comparison and selection.
  • Easy information, knowledge, and data.
  • Easy ordering and payment/transaction processing.
  • Easy delivery and product/service usage.
  • Easy after-sales along with product support.
  • Feedback mechanism.
  • FAQs section.
  • and more.

At TBC, we devise, extend, and deploy numerous kinds of websites and apps solutions:

Corporate/Business/Brand Applications

All kinds of corporate sites, apps, business apps, applications, sites, brand apps, sites, and more such corporate digital assets are prepared, launched, deployed, and maintained in an end-to-end manner by us at TBC. We cover static pages, dynamic pages, single pages sites, single page apps, multi-page apps, multi-page sites, and more.

Rich internet Applications

Most businesses need apps and websites, both internal and external, to process huge amounts of daily business data churned across their different functions. Some examples of such data visualization-based rich internet applications are management information systems (MIS) web applications in the form of sites and apps, customer information systems, sales management systems, operations management systems applications, and more.

Just a go a level deep, for a logistics, supply chain, and warehousing firm, this could mean the front of an inventory management system software web application, subscriber live statistics management system in case of telecom, property and inventory management system in case of real estate, and more.

E-commerce Applications

E-commerce is a well-established and still fast-growing industry worldwide. In India, it is growing even faster than the rest of the world. As such, we at TBC extend deep expertise and solutioning in developing, deploying, and maintaining focused e-commerce solutions in the form of website and mobile applications for your business.

Goes without saying, such apps and websites built by us cover your products, services, categories, brands, offers, tie-ups, features, rewards, and much more in an end-to-end and real-time manner.

Web Portal Applications

Some businesses require a dedicated web portal for a particular function or vertical of their organization/enterprise. It could be internal, external, or both, and some examples of such portals are HR portal, Sales portal, Operations portal, IT portal, and more. In terms of verticals, examples of web portals include, but are not limited to, separate banking, financial services, and insurance portals for BFSI companies, separate FMCG, FMCD, and other manufacturing goods portals for diversified groups and conglomerates, and more.

Content Management Systems (CMS) Applications

CMS solutions can be internal, external, or a mix of both, and we ensure that we prepare a CMS application at the right size, scale, cost, and time-frame for you. Whether you need a CMS for in-house content exchange, or a CMS inviting contributions from the external world, or a CMS managed by you for the consumption of external audience, or a combination of any of them, TBC covers it all for you. Whether you need a CMS as a back-end for your website or mobile app, or a CMS in an independent manner, we have the expertise and the capability ready.

Miscellaneous Apps and Sites

We also cover several other types of apps and websites, including but not limited to, blogs, news platforms, article apps, gaming apps, entertainment apps, sports apps, books apps, social media apps and sites, community apps, and much more.

The Business Content (TBC) is leading content development, digital marketing, and technology solution enterprise. In this digital native era, we offer highly engaging content services, ROI-driven digital marketing, and tailor-made technology solutions. We work with large enterprises & corporates as well as SMBs and upcoming start-ups. We have proven expertise in a host of sectors and industries. We help our clients to build and design comprehensive brand strategies, engage better with key stakeholders, secure potential leads, and enhance overall social presence. We accomplish this through a blend of creative thinking, out-of-the-box innovation, and adopting industry-defining technologies and Rich media solutions.


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