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Video marketing is becoming immensely popular in the current digital native era. Videos are emotionally appealing and they drive engagement. They help businesses and brands connect with their consumers effectively. In today’s time, both B2B and B2C users spend a significant amount of time on the internet, which further underscores their importance. Videos also help you to stand apart and nurture a unique brand proposition.

Video Marketing Solutions

Video is a highly popular form of content for business marketing, others being text, image, and audio. A video, is, in fact, a carefully curated combination of them all. As of 2022, 94% of worldwide businesses acknowledge the fact that videos help them build a better understanding of their products and services.

86% confirm the experience of fresh lead generation for their business, while 81% also admit a direct rise in sales because of video marketing. Over half the businesses also say that videos help their customers and clientele understand, consume, and use their product the right way, thereby reducing the need for after-sales service and support.

A video is often defined as a system of recording, editing, and/or producing moving images and accompanying sounds by using a camera or digitally available graphics, and showcasing them on a digital device, such as TV, desktop, laptop, smartphone, or another type of system/computer. We at TBC cater to all your video marketing needs and requirements in a precise and concise manner.

Video marketing is an emotionally appealing and engaging value proposition for content consumers, that helps businesses and brands connect with their customers and audience by attracting and catching their attention and time in this digitally overloaded and informationally asymmetric world. Examples of videos are cricket match recordings, movies and cinema, music albums, devotional music albums, documentary videos, vlogs, videos of nature, story videos, news videos, real-life videos, cartoon and animated videos, and more.

Examples of video marketing campaigns are Save the Environment, Save Little Children, Make the World a Healthier and a Happier Place to Live, Education for All, Food for All – The Fight against Malnourishment and Hunger, and more. Videos also help businesses understand their customers better, as also their needs, wants, desires, priorities, tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, and more. Popular web video channels across the globe are YouTube, LinkedIn Videos, Instagram Videos, Facebook Videos, Facebook Live, Webinars, Twitter Videos, and AR/VR/MR Videos to name a few.

Factors driving adoption of video marketing solutions

A slew of factors continues to contribute towards quick-rising trend of various businesses adopting video marketing solutions in a holistic, innovative, and interesting manner:

  • Digital transformation is now a global hygiene factor instead of a good-to-have capability
  • Video marketing facilitates the transition of the business from cost to investment, liability to asset, status quo to rapid business scale-up, and resource-consumption to value-addition
  • Short videos ( <1 minute in duration ) are liked and watched by almost all kinds of audiences. With the internet having reached every corner of the world in an accessible and affordable manner, people choose to happily watch and consume short videos.
  • Most internet users (both B2B and B2C) spend considerable time watching videos on their own.
  • and more.

What’s in it for you

Both you (the business) and your customers/clientele stand to reap a lot of quantifiable, explicit, and implicit rewards, courtesy the video marketing solutions deployed by us at TBC in a manner exclusive to and customized for you:

For you (the business)

While the customer is always the king, at the same time, he comes into being because you, the business exists beforehand in terms of your operations and openness to the market. Some critical-to-business (CTB) and critical-to-quality (CTQ) parameters that grow courtesy our precise video marketing interventions are:

  • Reaching a bigger pie of your target audience, as users preferring to watch videos over image, audio, and text get added to your list of prospective customers.
  • Enhanced ideation, creativity, and innovation.
  • Enhanced marketing efficiency and effectiveness along with acquisition of the capability of video production, marketing, and management.
  • You begin to look upon videos as another type of digital asset and investment instead of liability or cost.
  • Continuous marketing excellence and business improvement in both macro and micro perspectives .
  • and more.

??So far, so good. Now, talking about your customers and clients, they also benefit upon a host of CTC (critical-to-customer) attributes as a part of our premier video marketing solutions:

  • Customers receive the gift of another important marketing communication channel in the form of videos.
  • They also feel encouraged to give more video testimonials for the business and the products/services in a timely and genuine manner.
  • User guide in video format available 24*7 with the customers for all their reference, questions, concerns, complaints, and more.
  • Greater customer loyalty, engagement, retention, and repeat purchase intent.
  • and more.

At TBC, we devise, develop, implement, deploy, maintain, execute, and upgrade numerous types of video marketing campaigns, services and solutions:

Brand Campaigns

Brand is how users and customers see the business, including the very first thing that comes to their mind when they think about it. Video marketing with us at TBC lets you go a long way in not just boosting your brands, but also improve the brand perception the right way.

Product and Service Campaigns

Almost every established business has a website and/or mobile app today. And, they highlight their sets of products and services over there in anticipation of both audience’s visits as well as the associated revenue generation. So, whether you sell SKU-wise or on a subscription basis, TBC covers it all through its focused product and service video campaigns.

Event Campaigns

Often, businesses need to go online and connect with their audience through webinars or social media. So, whether your event is online or offline in nature, TBC builds the right videos for your events and markets them the optimal way.

PR and ORM Campaigns

PR helps boost your business brand the positive way while ORM takes care of all controversies and negative perceptions, if any. We at TBC cover it all for you through its focused video marketing strategies.


All other video marketing solutions fall under this category, and are catered to by TBC with the same level of experience and expertise as with other categories.

The Business Content (TBC) is leading content development, digital marketing, and technology solution enterprise. In this digital native era, we offer highly engaging content services, ROI-driven digital marketing, and tailor-made technology solutions. We work with large enterprises & corporates as well as SMBs and upcoming start-ups. We have proven expertise in a host of sectors and industries. We help our clients to build and design comprehensive brand strategies, engage better with key stakeholders, secure potential leads, and enhance overall social presence. We accomplish this through a blend of creative thinking, out-of-the-box innovation, and adopting industry-defining technologies and Rich media solutions.


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