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Our content marketing solutions complement content writing services. Our content marketing services draw on online marketing strategy and content distribution tactics to nurture meaningful engagement, drive brand awareness, and support customer acquisition and retention.

Content Marketing Solutions

Content Marketing is a kind of online marketing that’s composed of the curation, the creation, and the exchange of digital assets (such as website content, mobile app content, blogs, articles, press releases, videos, podcasts, and social media posts) that facilitates awareness of and stimulates interest among the target audience in your business, or one or more of its brands, products, or services.

Over 90% of content marketers worldwide (whether businesses or individuals) planned to increase or continue their 2021 level of investment budget in 2022 and beyond. And, nearly 67% of the global content marketers have already increased their last year’s budget in 2022 in a substantial manner. The top 4 content marketing formats across the globe in 2021 have been videos, blogs, images, and infographics, and the world saw average video content consumption of 18 hours per week throughout the year.

Moreover, around 70% of global marketers invested in SEO, a highly popular approach to content marketing, in a substantial manner in 2021, and 45% of such businesses and individuals also used infographics as an active content format. And, over 60% of content marketers created at least 1 significant piece of content per day on an average in 2021. Marketers, who adopted and applied content marketing in a pro-active manner in 2021, saw around 8x more unique site traffic and around 6x more lead conversions on a year-on-year (Y-o-Y) basis.

Content marketing in 2021 was also observed as 62% less expensive than traditional marketing approaches, and generated around 3x leads as compared to them. Effectively, over 72% content marketers produced significantly more content in 2021 as compared to 2020 and before, and just the demand for infographics alone grew around 8x in 2021 in contrast to 2020. 57% of such marketers had a well-documented content marketing strategy for 2021 and also have one for 2022 and beyond.

46% of such marketers had raised their content marketing budget in 2021 as compared to before. Around 91% of such marketers saw their content marketing efforts become successful in 2021. 55% of them had focused on improving the quality of their content, 46% had made SEO a top priority, and 41% had adopted both video and visual content formats in addition to the text one. The menace of COVID-19 had little or no impact on over 1/3rd of global businesses focusing on content marketing.

Factors driving adoption of content marketing solutions

A multitude of critical attributes continues to hasten the quickly-picking tendency of different businesses and industries opting for tailor-made content marketing solutions in an efficient, creative, and effective manner:

  • Content marketing helps increase the know-how and the recognition of your brands, products, and services among your target consumer segment
  • It helps your marketing and sales teams achieve more unique site and app traffic on a daily basis, along with digital/online stickiness
  • Content marketing catapults both revenue and sales numbers for all kinds of firms, irrespective of their vertical, industry, and/or method of operations
  • It attracts higher-quantity and quality of leads to your business, and facilitates more conversions too in the process
  • Content marketing boosts customers’ engagement with the product/service/brand, often leading up to re-purchase, cross-selling, up-selling, referral sales, word-of-mouth promotion, and voluntary testimonials, and more.

What’s in it for you

You and the customers reap a lot in terms of the critical-to-quality, the critical-to-business, and the critical-to-customer factors, owing to the content marketing services executed by us at TBC in a fashion personalized and custom-made for you:

For you - the business

  • Tapping a bigger pie of the target audience, and covering it in a more intimate manner
  • Boosted brand know-how, recognition, and connection
  • Increased unique website and mobile app traffic along with greater stickiness, and reduced bounce rates
  • Augmented creation of leads along with a greater inherent quality, leading to boosted conversion rates too
  • Steep rise in top-line numbers, including sales and revenue, along with enhanced customer engagement, and more

For your customers

  • A more educated customer implies lesser surprises after product transaction and delivery
  • A reduced demand for post-sales customer support, and provision of additional channels for customers to communicate and give feedback
  • Heightened customer engagement, retention, adherence to CTAs, and re-purchase intent; attainment of more customer delight
  • and more.

We at TBC plan, design, develop, deploy, maintain, and refine different types of content marketing solutions and services for the benefit of our customers and their valued target audiences:


Videos form the most-preferred and the most-consumed content format across the world. Composed of a text script, the voice-over, and a collection of imagery and graphics that are compiled together in the form of an animated set of visuals, videos set the tone for the overall efficacy of your content marketing suite.


Audio-books and podcasts continue to grow at a rapid pace as an alternative format of content to be consumed. Podcasts mean the audio broadcasting of a content speaker on a live basis, and it’s often interactive too in nature. There is a good quantity and quality of audience that actively follows this category of content too.

Text and Blogs

Blogs, articles, and texts such as website content, app content, and social media content together form the text category of content for the consumption of the target audience. The most traditional form of content, text content has a large and established fan following all over the world. It entices and invites readers for itself to be consumed.

Images and Infographics

Visual content in the form of images, graphics, and infographics too command a huge fan following, owing to its ease of consumption and interpretation. Infographics, in particular, draw a lot of attention owing to a combination of written content, statistics, and visuals operating inside them and upon the minds of the audiences.


All other forms of content lie under this category. Some examples of miscellaneous content are whitepapers, e-books, case studies, use cases, customer testimonials etc.

The Business Content (TBC) is leading content development, digital marketing, and technology solution enterprise. In this digital native era, we offer highly engaging content services, ROI-driven digital marketing, and tailor-made technology solutions. We work with large enterprises & corporates as well as SMBs and upcoming start-ups. We have proven expertise in a host of sectors and industries. We help our clients to build and design comprehensive brand strategies, engage better with key stakeholders, secure potential leads, and enhance overall social presence. We accomplish this through a blend of creative thinking, out-of-the-box innovation, and adopting industry-defining technologies and Rich media solutions.


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