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Content Writing refers to content planning, writing, and editing web content for various internet media. Examples of written content are website contents, blogs, video scripts, emailers, social media posts, e-books, articles, whitepapers, content, mobile app content, etc.

Content Writing Solutions

Content Writing refers to the art, science, and process of planning, writing, and editing web content for various internet media leading to the digital growth of the brand associated with it. Examples of written content are blogs, video scripts, emailers, social media posts, e-books, articles, whitepapers, website content, mobile app content etc.

Over 57% of the global organizations and businesses already have a content writing strategy documented for 2022 and beyond. Over 75% of the global firms spending at least 10% and up to 70% of their overall marketing budget on content writing have been highly successful in 2021. 46% of such companies happened to raise their budget for content writing in 2021.

Over 90% of the companies putting serious content writing and publishing efforts in 2021 saw impressive sales and marketing ROI. Amongst these, 55% had focused on improving content quality, 46% had made SEO a top priority, and 41% used video and visual elements in addition to text content. The menace of COVID-19 had zero or negligible impact on the content writing strategies of over 1/3rd of all the global businesses.

53% of the firms unsuccessful in their content writing campaigns had allocated less than 5% of their overall marketing budget on content. 72% of the global firms plan to raise their content writing budget in 2022 and beyond. The top 3 success metrics for content writing efforts continue to be organic traffic, search rankings, and leads. A whopping 80% of global firms have a dedicated team composed of 1 or more content writer (in-house or outsourced), and over 20% such companies have 5 or more content writers.

98% of such global players plan to either maintain status quo, or increase their content writing team size in 2022 and beyond. Further, in 2021, the average blog length has been around 1,400 words, and over 22% of all bloggers post at least once per week. Blogging holds the potential to magnify marketing ROI by as much as 13 times on just its own. There are over 600 million blogs published on the web as of today. Around half of business consumers, whether B2B or B2C, read at least 3-5 blog posts before actually contacting sales.

Factors driving adoption of content writing solutions

A combination of vital business factors continues to catalyze the fast-accelerating trend of various companies and industries choosing custom content writing solutions in a timely, innovative, and focused manner:

  • Content writing helps raise the awareness and the recall of your brands amongst your target audience
  • It helps your sales and marketing teams attract and retain more website and mobile app traffic on a daily basis
  • Content writing augments both sales and revenue numbers for all businesses irrespective of their industry and manner of operations
  • It generates more and higher-quality leads for your business, and elicits requisite calls-to-action (CTAs) in the process
  • Content writing boosts customer loyalty and increases their engagement with the brand, often leading to repeat purchase, up-selling, cross-selling, referral sales, word-of-mouth recommendations, and customer testimonials
  • and more.

What’s in it for you

You, the business, and your customers/clientele stand to benefit a lot in terms of critical-to-quality (CTQ), critical-to-business (CTB), and critical-to-customer (CTC) attributes, courtesy the content writing solutions deployed by us at TBC in a manner exclusive and tailor-made for you:

For you - the business

  • Reaching a bigger pie of your target audience, and covering that entire pie in more depth than before
  • Enhanced brand awareness, recall, and association
  • Enhanced web and app traffic along with higher stickiness and retention rates, and minimized bounce rates
  • Higher lead generation along with a higher quality of leads, leading to a higher conversion rate
  • Sharp rise in top-line numbers, including sales and revenue
  • Continued customer loyalty, longevity of association, higher brand engagement, calls-to-action (CTAs) adherence, and repeat purchase rates
  • and more.

For your customers and consumers

  • Customers get the option of communicating in a written manner in addition to F2F, video, and voice
  • More aware and educated customer means lesser surprises post product purchase and delivery
  • Lesser need for post-sales customer support, and provision of an additional channel for customers to give feedback and exchange communication
  • Greater customer loyalty, engagement, retention, CTA adherence, and repeat purchase intent; achievement of greater customer satisfaction and delight
  • and more.

At TBC, we curate, create, develop, implement, deploy, maintain, execute, refine, and upgrade numerous types of content writing services and solutions:

Web and App Content

The web and app contents form the first-impression of your brand on the psyche of your consumers and target audience. No doubt, you need to keep this content premium, top-class, relevant, impactful, robust, and high-quality to say the least.

Articles and Blogs

While blogs are usually connected to your website in terms of URL and domain, articles could be hosted/published on either your website or a third-party platform. No wonder, these digital assets need as much attention as web and app contents, if not more.

Social Media Content

The likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Quora, and Instagram form much of the global social media ecosystem. We at TBC take care of all your social media-related content writing requirements in a precise and pro-active manner.

Whitepapers and e-books

Research reports, industry reports, e-books, and whitepapers form the longer formats of content writing that go a long way in differentiating your brand from those of your competitors. We at TBC cater to your short as well as long-form content requirements in an unbiased and scientific manner.


Bulk SMS content, e-mailers, video scripts, third-party blogs, press releases, case studies, use cases, client testimonials, and media articles form some other important forms of written content. We cover all your content writing requirements in a 360-degree as well as holistic manner.

The Business Content (TBC) is leading content development, digital marketing, and technology solution enterprise. In this digital native era, we offer highly engaging content services, ROI-driven digital marketing, and tailor-made technology solutions. We work with large enterprises & corporates as well as SMBs and upcoming start-ups. We have proven expertise in a host of sectors and industries. We help our clients to build and design comprehensive brand strategies, engage better with key stakeholders, secure potential leads, and enhance overall social presence. We accomplish this through a blend of creative thinking, out-of-the-box innovation, and adopting industry-defining technologies and Rich media solutions.


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