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We at TBC ensure that our research and insights-based whitepapers, industry reports, e-books, custom research analyses, industry surveys, and other similar solutions give your business a clear edge over your competitors and render you market leadership in the context of your industry and target audience.

Research and Insights Solutions

Business owes a lot to the function (and the professionals) of research, development, analysis, and insights for its multi-pronged advancement all these years. Research of any topic or subject refers to its investigation in a step-wise, holistic, in-depth, and systematic manner, such that new facts get established and new inferences are arrived at. Yes, research leads to creation and/or unveiling of fresh knowledge, as well as the use of existing knowledge-base in an inventive and innovative manner for the growth and transformation of business. Insights mean the ability or the capacity to acquire a precise, accurate, and in-depth understanding of the topic.

Examples of research include but are not limited to business reports, case studies, correlational studies, data reports, etc. Examples of insights are what we can say about the markets & economy, what we can say about a business process, what we can say about a trend after collecting and analyzing its data etc. A good insight lets you make your articulation interesting, value-adding, and worth a further study and/or probe. Examples of insights are market analysis, white paper, thematic reports, etc. Businesses that invest and work actively in their research and insights/analytics function likely grow at least 5x faster than their non-research counterparts.

In the context of business & economics, industries, verticals, and businesses, research and insights make for a mandate to thrive and grow in a world full of both competition and innovation/collaboration, with the central element being the customer/consumer/target audience. In a world marked by deep internet penetration, advent of social media, and the fast-rising craze for technology, people are getting potentially closer to each other and the world becoming a smaller place by the day. Name any industry; be it healthcare, agri-business, travel, transportation and tourism, logistics and warehousing, manufacturing, aviation, railway, real estate, FMCG, FMCD, IT, ITeS, e-commerce, telecom, retail, energy, education, BFSI, or any other, research and insights add immense value to the existing health of any industry, or the businesses therein.

Research tells us that the pace of education globally is faster than ever before. Insights in healthcare tell us that the waiting time for any patient to see a doctor is reducing by the day, and that quality healthcare is becoming more accessible and affordable. It’s the power of research that tells us how the inclination for social media, internet, and technology has transformed the social fabric in to an evolved, never-seen-before form. The world of games and sports has moved partly from offline mode to online mode; and for that matter, a big segment of the global population endorses e-commerce in addition to retail. Likewise, technological advancement has gifted us powerful techniques such as drones and robots, chat bots, AI, ML, Cloud, RPA, IoT, 3D Printing, VR/AR/.MR, and much more.

The function of research and analytics (data-driven insights) has been growing in a rapid manner, especially over the past decade and is expected to grow in an even faster manner in the ongoing decade and beyond. Organizations are realizing the importance of Research & Insights to gain strategic insights, market acumen, streamline operational cycles, and make informed business decisions.

Factors driving adoption of research and insights solutions

Data and its systematic handling, management, analysis, and storage/retrieval is of paramount importance for any business today, irrespective of its age or size. A host of factors has been driving this endorsement and adoption trend over the past many years, and it’s bound to move only move further north in an even steeper manner:

  • Advent of technology leading to capturing, generation, and leveraging of more daily business data than ever before
  • Research and analytics moving from being a good-to-have function to a hygiene business factor
  • Data and information of research and insights remove the subjectivity element and lets organizations improve their business outcomes
  • Great help in understand the customer, the consumer, and the target audience
  • Direct impact on business top-line and bottom-line
  • and more.

What’s in it for you

We at TBC ensure that our research and insights-based whitepapers, industry reports, e-books, custom research analyses, industry surveys, and other similar solutions give your business a clear edge over your competitors and render you market leadership in the context of your industry and target audience. Let’s look at what’s in store for your business and your consumers and customers, as far as research and insights are concerned.

For you - the business

  • First-mover and competitive business advantage
  • Better consumer understanding and deeper customer empathy
  • Your products and services add greater value to the lives of your customers
  • Heightened business efficiency and effectiveness
  • and more.

For your customers and consumers

  • Greater delight and satisfaction
  • More awareness, education, and loyalty for your brands
  • More referrals, recommendations, and repeat purchase
  • Engagement beyond products and services
  • Thought leadership and stakeholder’s engagement
  • and more.

Industry reports

Being a serious runner of your industry, you certainly look forward to knowing in depth and breadth, as to how your industry is performing, both at the national and the international level. We at TBC gather your requirement in a precise manner, and write and deliver industry reports that carry thought leadership and more-than-ample research and insights. An industry report can offer actionable insights on industry & market sizing, growth forecast, market share analysis, retail & channel insights, consumer behavior insights, policy information, and much more.

Business data-driven analytical reports

If you’re ready to furnish your business data with us, we could churn out analytical reports carrying scores of insights relevant for your overall business, or any specific function of it. These are custom-sized, and may vary anywhere in the range of 10-100 pages.


Whitepapers are shorter than industry reports, and are usually more topic and subject-specific as compared to them. Just like all other research collateral, we at TBC specialize in writing & designing whitepapers too.


E-books are more visually-appealing versions of whitepapers and analytical reports. Laden with charts, infographics, and other interactive elements, e-books make for a great way for your business to present insights to senior management and help them arrive at informed business decisions.


All other forms of custom research and/or personalized analyses/insights sought by your business would fall under this category.

The Business Content (TBC) is leading content development, digital marketing, and technology solution enterprise. In this digital native era, we offer highly engaging content services, ROI-driven digital marketing, and tailor-made technology solutions. We work with large enterprises & corporates as well as SMBs and upcoming start-ups. We have proven expertise in a host of sectors and industries. We help our clients to build and design comprehensive brand strategies, engage better with key stakeholders, secure potential leads, and enhance overall social presence. We accomplish this through a blend of creative thinking, out-of-the-box innovation, and adopting industry-defining technologies and Rich media solutions.


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